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The 15 Best Wine Tasting Rooms In Solvang, California 

Solvang, California is a quaint town with plenty of wine to enjoy, so we’ve compiled a list of the best tasting rooms where you can do exactly that.   Santa Ynez Valley is a vibrant and charming strip of wine country located in Santa Barbara County. The area is best known for its ability to produce quality Pinot Noir thanks to the unique nearby ocean climate. Though there are a handful of different towns located within the valley, none are perhaps as unique as the Danish town of Solvang. Between the transportive… Read More

The Best Wine Glasses Will Make Your Vino Taste More Expensive

We didn’t raid your parent’s cabinet for these picks.   If you’re serious about drinking wine—good wine, not the glorified juice your grandparents love—a set of the best wine glasses should be on your shelves (if not on your shopping wishlist). But whether you’re hunting high and low for best-in-class investment stemware to add to your registry or just some solid, budget-friendly starter glasses to share with your hamfisted roommates, there are levels to the wine glasses at your disposal. To get to the bottom of the absolute best glasses to sip… Read More

How to Get Red Wine Out of the Carpet and Fix Other Vino Catastrophes

BY MARIA C. HUNT Even the most steady-handed sommelier has been victim to a wine spill or two. It should come as no surprise, then, that beverage professionals know a thing or two about cleaning up after a night of partying.  From how to get red wine out of the carpet to the best way to clean a decanter without turning your wrist into a pretzel, these pros have insider tips. Also on tap? The best way to avoid breaking delicate stemware and how to keep stains from setting in. How to Remove… Read More

How Tannins Really Affect Your Wine, From Taste to Texture

Anyone who has read a wine review or attended a tasting have heard about tannins or tannic structure or grip, so what exactly are they?       Supple. Velvety. Grippy. Opulent. Smooth. Chewy. Silky. Anyone who has read a wine review or attended a tasting has seen or heard these descriptors and many more, which are usually applied to tannins or tannic structure. Discussions of them are omnipresent, but what exactly are tannins?   While we often hesitate to become overly geeky when describing wine, understanding tannins helps to appreciate how… Read More