100 Point Winemaker, Joey Tensley of Santa Barbara’s Tensley Wines, Opens First Tasting Room in Los Angeles, Tensley Tasting Room

The Brentwood location is the first tasting room in Los Angeles run by a winery that has earned 100 points and multiple spots on WineSpectator’s Top Tensley Wines announces the opening of its first ever Tensley Tasting Room in Los Angeles. Owned by renowned winemaker, Joey Tensley, the Santa Barbara County based wine label knowns for its award-winning Syrah, brings Santa Barbara’s wine country to Brentwood and offers Angelenos a taste of Tensley Wines which include Tensley Wines, Fundamental Wines, and P2KV Wines. Established in 1998, Tensley Wines belongs to a small group… Read More

The Growing Movement Behind ‘Long Charmat’ Sparkling Wine 

In Italy, Brazil, and beyond, winemakers are leaving Charmat-method bubbly on the lees for longer periods of time in the effort to make more complex and robust wines… When we talk about modern sparkling winemaking, it’s generally in reference to one of two methods: traditional or Charmat. In many wine circles, the traditional method—also known in Champagne as the méthode Champenoise—is held to a higher regard. Regions in which the traditional method is mandated, such as Champagne, Cava, and Franciacorta, often point to it as an inherent marker of quality and ageability…. Read More

Iconic Chardonnay Wine Producer Finally Makes A Pinot Noir Wine

A relationship established several decades ago helps an iconic California Chardonnay wine producer finally make a stellar Pinot Noir that can live up to its white wine counterpart.   As the desire for premium wine started to seep into the American culture in the 1980s, two men, a former airline pilot and the only adopted child of older Southern Baptist Texans, would end up shaping the U.S. wine landscape in ways that brought inspiration and delight to many and irrational criticism from others. Both men followed their own path in the wine… Read More

What you can learn about wine by watching new manga-based TV series ‘Drops of God’

The new Apple TV+ show ‘Drops of God,’ loosely based on the hit manga series, provides another window into the world and vocabulary of wine. The average TV viewer might not know much about the world of high-end wine, but the creators behind new series “Drops of God” hope to change that in only eight episodes. Shot across Japan, France and Italy, the limited series now streaming on Apple TV+ is a trilingual drama cloaked in family intrigue, with wine-industry knowledge — how to sip, smell and begin to identify wine —… Read More

Wine and Food Pairing – Italian

Our friends at Bon Appetite provide another excellent educational take on pairing food and wine with a casual approach we hope you’ll enjoy. Our members love to learn about wine…We love wine!