Outdoor Summer Social – July 29th, 2021

Hello wine lovers (aka 902~wine~0’s) We are pleased to announce our return to group wine gatherings with Outdoor Summer Social.  Join us at Barbrix Wine Bar and Restaurant in Silver Lake this July 29th from 5-7pm!  Meet and greet with wine-loving group members, enjoy complimentary appetizers (5pm-5:30pm) at our host table and a welcome glass of sparkling wine! Come out and meet your fellow wine-loving group, chat about your favorite wine, favorite wine region or that time you tried that orange colored wine:) Whatever the topic, enjoy the sense of community that wine affords… Read More

Understand tasting notes: Tasting notes decoded

Don’t get caught out at tastings – use our handy glossary to understand tasting notes and talk about wine like an expert. Fruity Apricot Apricot is in the same spectrum as other stone fruits, such as peach, indicating a certain ripeness in the grapes, and used to describe white wines – although not as ripe as in hot climate wines, where the fruit descriptors become tropical, like pineapple and mango. Apricot is often associated with the grape Viognier, along with peach and blossom, found in the Rhône and increasingly in the New World. Richer Albariño, from North… Read More

The magnificent five: famous wine cellars offered at Christie’s 

Yul Brynner is just one of many celebrities whose wine collections have been auctioned at Christie’s, says specialist Charles Foley   Yul Brynner (1920-1985) The legend of stage and screen, celebrated for his performances in The King and I, The Ten Commandments  and The Magnificent Seven, was also a collector of fine wines. The cellars at his French estate, Le Manoir de Cricquebeuf in Normandy, were meticulously recorded and temperature-controlled, their vintages concentrated on the period that marked the height of his career, between 1959 and 1979. When Christie’s was invited to… Read More

What Does ‘Extraction’ Mean in Wine?

The word ‘extraction’ is used a lot, but what does this term even mean? We turned to the experts for an explanation. If you’ve ever heard a winemaker wax poetic about “extraction” and been lost amid stanzas on fermentation and polymerization, you’re not alone. Extraction is a hard topic to master for wine drinkers and winemakers alike. We asked industry professionals to shed some light on this oft-confusing term. What is extraction in wine? “Extraction is the way to take things like flavor and color and other components out of the grapes… Read More

What Are ‘Lees’ in Wine?  | Wine Enthusiast

Much like how that ‘drunk uncle at a family gathering’ can add life to the party or overstay their welcome, lees can make or break a wine. “Lees are like the drunk uncle at a family gathering,” says Toni Boyce, owner of BlaQ & Soul. “It gives a beverage life, but if it overstays its welcome, things could turn left quick.” So, what are lees? Where do they come from? As yeast is added to wine, it starts to ferment, converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide as it mixes with the… Read More