Classic Wine And Food Pairings You Have To Try

Enjoying some classic wine and food pairings can be a great way to explore the wide range of flavor unions available. Here are some you have to try. Unless you spend lots of time with food and wine zealots (or are one yourself), chances are no one will give you a hard time about always having the perfect pairing. However, there’s a reason why so many people are enthusiastic about certain combinations of wine and food. And while you don’t have to make a fuss about it every time you open a… Read More

Coravin Giveaway – Last Call ! Extended thru January 31st, 2022

Coravin Model Three

Extended! Now thru January 31st, 2022, when you sign up as a new member of Beverly Hills Wine Club or you refer a friend, you will be entered to win a new Coravin Model Three wine preservation system (Retail Value $149.95) in our Explore More Gorgeous Wine Giveaway. Membership is complimentary. Coravin is the industry standard in wine preservation systems and the finest tool we’ve come across when preserving luxury fine wine. As Coravin states, “Drink what you want, without compromise. Coravin gives you the freedom to pour the wine you desire,… Read More

BLACK MONARCH – Private Wine Tours and Transportation – Santa Barbara Wine Country

Located in the wine region of Santa Barbara County, woven amongst the local businesses, you will find Black Monarch, a boutique, private wine tour and transportation service company. We’re a small business in a beautiful county, surrounded by flower fields and vineyards, striving to make an impact in our community.  We specialize in delivering a private, customized wine tour and transportation service to both the locals and tourists, between the Santa Rita Hills and Santa Ynez Valley. Black Monarch is dedicated to executing a best-in-class service centered on elevating your entire experience,… Read More

10 Vintage Champagnes Worth the Splurge | Wine Enthusiast

Best Vintage Champagne

Vintage Champagne is only made in the best years. Here, find 10 of our favorite bottles perfect for toasting. Sparkling wines reign supreme around holidays and the undisputed benchmark of the category is, of course, Champagne. When looking for that special bottle to cap off a toast, look no further than vintage Champagne. Made in only the best years from grapes all harvested within the same vintage year, these offerings provide a unique snapshot of time and place that cannot be found in nonvintage bottles. Vintage Champagne also shows more depth and… Read More

Effects of climate change taking root in the wine industry – a CBS 60 Minutes Report

    Climate change is jolting the wine industry. Lesley Stahl reports on how the economics, practices and in some cases even the flavors of wine are being altered by our shifting climate.  >>> click to see the video report Source: Effects of climate change taking root in the wine industry