Understand tasting notes: Tasting notes decoded

Don’t get caught out at tastings – use our handy glossary to understand tasting notes and talk about wine like an expert. Fruity Apricot Apricot is in the same spectrum as other stone fruits, such as peach, indicating a certain ripeness in the grapes, and used to describe white wines – although not as ripe as in hot climate wines, where the fruit descriptors become tropical, like pineapple and mango. Apricot is often associated with the grape Viognier, along with peach and blossom, found in the Rhône and increasingly in the New World. Richer Albariño, from North… Read More

What Does ‘Extraction’ Mean in Wine?

The word ‘extraction’ is used a lot, but what does this term even mean? We turned to the experts for an explanation. If you’ve ever heard a winemaker wax poetic about “extraction” and been lost amid stanzas on fermentation and polymerization, you’re not alone. Extraction is a hard topic to master for wine drinkers and winemakers alike. We asked industry professionals to shed some light on this oft-confusing term. What is extraction in wine? “Extraction is the way to take things like flavor and color and other components out of the grapes… Read More

What Are ‘Lees’ in Wine?  | Wine Enthusiast

Much like how that ‘drunk uncle at a family gathering’ can add life to the party or overstay their welcome, lees can make or break a wine. “Lees are like the drunk uncle at a family gathering,” says Toni Boyce, owner of BlaQ & Soul. “It gives a beverage life, but if it overstays its welcome, things could turn left quick.” So, what are lees? Where do they come from? As yeast is added to wine, it starts to ferment, converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide as it mixes with the… Read More

This is the crazy way most wineries bottle their new wines. And it involves a big rig.

What you notice when you first step onto the Mobile Wine Line is that it is loud. There’s the whirr of the equipment that shuttles hundreds of bottles down the line, that drowns out conversations. There’s also the clink of glass hitting glass as a parade of bottles move through the line. There’s specific equipment that does everything having to do with bottling, from sterilizing bottles to corking to labeling. It’s a cacophony of sounds, and the noise is all compounded by the fact that rather than the process of bottling taking… Read More

How to Design a Wine Cellar

Design around common pitfalls with the expertise of a sommelier and wine educator Optimally housing and caring for a wine collection requires more than just a pretty room. Whether a household drinks 300 bottles a year or 30, an uninformed design layout can end up having a permanent effect on a home’s overall performance. Often, designers are not aware of the needs of wine collecting, resulting in storage and display that may be aesthetically pleasing, but does not preserve the bottles as they should or address a particular client’s drinking or entertaining… Read More