Garagiste Wine Festival: Urban Exposure

Bringing California wine country to the City…Meet the Winemakers, Taste their Passion!

Taste and discover the wines from 60 high-quality, commercial micro-wineries from all over California. This unique festival is the heart of the hands-on, small-lot winemaking explosion now happening in California. We will have ultra-premium winemakers from all over the state – from Napa & Sonoma to Mendocino, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara and all points in between. It would take months if not years of research and travel to discover this many artisan “garagiste” wineries on your own.

What makes the Garagiste Festivals different?:

•   No long lines – we purposefully keep the guest-to-winery ratio low to provide a more intimate experience for tasters. No fighting a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd to get to the winery table. It’s a comfortable, fun, and no-snobs allowed event.
•   Meet the Winemakers – you get to taste with the winemakers/owners at EVERY table. Hear their stories and taste the wines with the people who actual craft them. Not salespeople or brokers, the winemakers themselves. It makes for a completely different wine tasting experience, trust us.
•   No supermarket wines – These are rare wines that can very hard to find – even in wine country. Most of our wineries do not have tasting rooms and are not on “wine country” maps – you have to know where to look. Now you can find 50 of them under one roof at the Garagiste Festival. No supermarket wines here, unlike most other wine events.
•   Unmatched variety – There is no better place to vastly increase your wine knowledge. Whether you are an expert, a novice, or somewhere in between – you will be able to taste and compare an incredibly wide range of varietals and styles. You will have the completely unique opportunity to taste almost every grape being grown under the CA sun.
•   First Vintages – there’s nothing more exciting than being the first to try something and we have 8 wineries participating in LA sharing their very first bottles of wine. How cool is that? You can say you knew them when…

VIP SEMINAR & EARLY ACCESS – 11:30am-5:00pm 

“Garagiste Goes Local: The Rebirth of the Los Angeles Wine Industry”

Think great wine can’t come out of LA County? Think again. The California wine industry was born in Los Angeles in 1782 thanks to Spanish missionaries and vineyards were planted in Glendale (that’s right!) as early as 1784. Over a hundred and fifty years ago the region was home to one hundred vineyards with a flourishing local community that was the heart of the California wine business. It was even the place where Bordeaux vine cuttings were first planted! While urbanization has overtaken all of these original vineyards, the drive to regain world-renown for LA’s wine scene is on! The three winemakers on our panel are all-in, propelling the return of LA wineries (and vineyards) to prominence and striving to place this AVA back on the map as a must-visit wine region. Discover – and taste – the variety of quality wines hand-crafted right under your nose!

  • With panelists Jasper Dickson of Angeleno Wine Co., Mark & Jenny Blatty of Byron Blatty Wines and Patrick Kelly of Cavaletti Vineyards

GRAND TASTING: 2:00-5:00pm – Unlimited tastes with 60 CA wineries, cheese & charcuterie board and a 16oz crystal keepsake wine glass. See list of participants below.

PARTICIPATING WINERIES INCLUDE: 13th & Third Wines*, Adron Wines*, Aldina Vineyards*, Alma Sol Winery, Angeleno Wine Co.*, Ann Albert Wines, Armitage Wines*, Ascension Cellars, Bella Luna Winery, Bevela Wines, Brooks Note*, Byron Blatty Wines, Cavaletti Vineyards, Cholame Vineyards, Cloak & Dagger Wines, Copia Vineyards, DB Cellars*, Deno Wine, DeWitt Vineyard*, Dusty Nabor Wines, Enriquez Estate Wines*, Ferguson Family Wines*, Frostwatch Vineyard*, Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars*, Greyscale Wines*, Hoi Polloi Winery, Kings Carey Wines*, Kitson Wines, Lions Peak Wines*, LXV Wines, Marin’s Vineyard, MCV Wines, Metrick Wines, Montagne Russe, Ocean’s Churning*, Playground Cellars*, Powicana Farm*, Record Family Wines, RF Fine Wines*, Say When Wine*, Torch Cellars, Turiya Wines, Two Papas Wine*, Two Shepherds, Velvet Bee Wines, Vino Vargas and Wander-Must*.

* First time LA participants

Garagiste Events, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit whose proceeds go towards the education of future professionals within the wine industry.



Source: Garagiste Wine Festival: Urban Exposure