How Tannins Really Affect Your Wine, From Taste to Texture

Anyone who has read a wine review or attended a tasting have heard about tannins or tannic structure or grip, so what exactly are they?       Supple. Velvety. Grippy. Opulent. Smooth. Chewy. Silky. Anyone who has read a wine review or attended a tasting has seen or heard these descriptors and many more, which are usually applied to tannins or tannic structure. Discussions of them are omnipresent, but what exactly are tannins?   While we often hesitate to become overly geeky when describing wine, understanding tannins helps to appreciate how… Read More

How Winemakers Analyze pH and Its Impact on Wine 

Measuring a wine’s pH provides clues to acidity and character, but it doesn’t tell you everything When presenting wines, winemakers will often mention their pH as an indication of character, to point out whether a particular cuvée is energetic and fresh or more smooth and ripe. But what does the pH number mean, exactly, and how can it be used to better understand wine? Acidity’s importance to wine cannot be understated, as it contributes freshness, acts as a preserving agent, and helps, notably, with microbial stability. Potential of hydrogen (pH) is one… Read More