Welcome to the official blog of the Beverly Hills Wine Club! While the blog is new, our love for wine is not. In fact the idea for Beverly Hills Wine Club came to us several years ago while wining and dining at our favorite restaurants in Beverly Hills (California). It was Mastro’s of Beverly Hills where our taste for wine (especially red) rapidly flourished thanks to their impressively diverse and curated wines by the glass. For my wife and I, Mastro’s became our “go-to” locale for date night and by extension, our exploration of great and accessible wines. As regulars, we enjoyed heavy pours from friendly bartenders who often introduced us to complimentary tastes of unfamiliar wines on the menu. One such memorable wine was a 2007 Buelhler Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa which, by the way, signaled the end of my white wine drinking days. I remember the Buehler really impressed me like no wine before. I took notice of its delicious notes of strawberry, tobacco and cassis…it was my favorite! That is until I met a Cabernet by the name of Groth, another finely curated wine on Mastro’s menu. I have many great wine memories, too many to list! The thing is, most of these memories center around great food and company. And that my friends is what we hope the Beverly Hills Wine Club will be…a way to explore and enjoy great wine along with great food and people! In the short term, we will be building the Beverly Hills Wine Club community by offering a mix of interesting and engaging content curated for wine lovers everywhere. In time, we will host exclusive wine tastings in the LA and Beverly Hills areas, wine-maker dinners, wine maker interviews, wine & art mixers and even vineyard visits! If you love wine you’ll love the curated insights we will be sharing – be sure to follow this blog and check us out on other social media for upcoming news, promotions and special insider events!


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